The Everything Package is the most reliable package in the business and the easiest to understand.  


You pay $95.


We give you all of the plays we make for 7 days from the moment your service doesnt matter the sport; if we make a play - YOU GET IT!!  (Anywhere from 7 to 40 plays a week!!!)

At the end of the day, if we dont have more than what we started with for the 7 day period...



That's what Guaranteed to Profit or YOU DONT PAY (GTPYDP) is all about and its an absolute NO BRAINER!!!

True players with bankroll discipline love us because our plays are simple and easy.  We dont put 3 units here, 6 units there, 2 units here, a half unit there...etc etc...we dont disguise losses as "SYSTEM PLAYS" (One of my personal favorite industry lowlife tactics...)


IF WE PLAY IT, WE PLAY IT TO WIN - JUST LIKE EVERY PLAY WE MAKE and we play them all the same. 


Easy tracking here.  



It aint rocket science, so get the package and guarantee profits this week!!!



7 Days & A Minimum 7 Plays - THE EVERYTHING PACKAGE!!! GUARANTEED!!!


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