Look, if the whole point of this mission is to make money, then what is your problem???   

This is a volume service where we guarantee that the house always win; AND YOU ARE THE HOUSE!!!

Stop with the paralysis through analysis already and give us a week to prove exactly what we do here at Shitbet.net/BadBet.info...we lose, so you don't.    You're welcome.  Now click below and remember that we lose, so you don't!

Shitbet.net is the answer that all sports gamblers have been waiting for...​
It's pretty elementary...
We choose a side; you play the opposite. 
We lose; you win.  And we don't lose every game, but we for damn sure lose more often than we win.

And since we are losing more than 50% of our selections, that means you are winning more than 50% of your selections...
Furthermore, if we are risking -101 or less... (-110, -120, -150, -225 etc etc) then that would mean you are getting plus odds like EVEN, +120, +135, +165, +210...

So to make a long story short, if we are losing more than 50% of the time...

You must be winning. DUHHH!!!

And believe me, we lose way more than we win here at Shitbet.net...

And that is why Shitbet.net exists...
We lose, so you dont have to - you're welcome.


Shitbet Master

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